You Me Her
Last Air Date: May 21, 2019
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You Me Her

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  • 7.1 (based on 7 256 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season #4: April 09, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 4
  • Created By: John Scott Shepherd
Priscilla Faia
Priscilla Faia
Greg Poehler
Greg Poehler
Rachel Blanchard
Rachel Blanchard
Jennifer Spence
Jennifer Spence
Ennis Esmer
Ennis Esmer
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Family problems happen to all people. However, not everyone is ready to openly declare about them. The main characters of this series Jack and Emma are trying not to lose what they love so much.

Their relationship seems to be falling apart, gradually turning into something incomprehensible, filled with contempt, distrust and mutual resentment. However, the main characters decide to resort to the services of a girl named Izzy, who works in the escort.

Who would have thought that a married couple would fall in love with this beautiful lady selflessly? However, what will happen to Jack and Emma now? Will Izzy be the link that can keep a marriage happy?

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You Me Her season 4

You Me Her season 4 poster Audience
Air Date: April 09, 2019

A touching romantic story about how two people who love each other can simultaneously fall in love with the third. “You Me Her” tells about the life of a married couple whose relationships have long lost their passion and flames.

In order to somehow diversify their feelings, the heroes invite the girl Izzy, who is engaged in escort services, into the family. Who would have thought that Jack and Emma would like their new female partner so much that they really would fall in love with her.

They didn’t even suspect that their story would turn out like this! The characters try to be honest with each other, so their relationships look more and more happy and trusting.

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Trailer You Me Her season 4

You Me Her Season 4 - Watch Trailer Online

You Me Her season 2

You Me Her season 2 poster Audience
Air Date: February 14, 2017

The main characters of this series have long been trying to build relationships. Jack and Emma are a married couple who are trying to do everything possible to finally rekindle their feelings for each other, because so much time has passed since they met and married.

It comes in order to re-establish a former relationship to order a girl from an escort. Who would have thought that a couple would fall in love with a young beauty. Now it becomes completely incomprehensible what to do next. The scriptwriters of this series put the main question before the audience: “What if your happy life does not look like you imagined? Do you have the courage to be happy? ”

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Trailer You Me Her season 2

You Me Her Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes You Me Her season 2

Scene 1, TV Show You Me Her season 2

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You Me Her season 1

You Me Her season 1 poster Audience
Air Date: March 22, 2016

In the modern world, the problem of choice is very relevant. What kind of relationship is better – time tested or fresh and cloudless? This question comes up before Jack and Amy. They have been married for a long time, but suddenly a carefree life together is crumbling – the former passion is gone, but on the same mutual respect the husband and wife will not last long.

The heroes of the series “You Me Her” tried many means to revive love, but nothing gave such a brilliant result as familiarity with charming Izzy from an escort agency.

Heroes are taken to lead a carefree life in three, having fun and not thinking about the future. The new acquaintance is young and effective, which immediately attracts the attention of the avid family man Jack.

At first, my wife is not delighted with the appearance of this beauty in their lives. But over time, Amy also begins to show interest in the girl.

This contributes to the beginning of rivalry between spouses for Izzy’s attention. But won’t this hobby go too far? The interest of a stranger on the part of both spouses can completely destroy their marriage, besides the actions of Izzy herself are certainly not aimed at strengthening the family relations of the characters.

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Trailer You Me Her season 1

You Me Her Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online