Wolf Creek
Last Air Date: November 05, 2018
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Wolf Creek

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  • 7.1 (based on 3 648 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama
  • Country: Australia
  • Air Date Season #2: December 15, 2017
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Greg McLean, Tony Tilse
John Jarratt
John Jarratt
Tess Haubrich
Tess Haubrich
Matt Day
Matt Day
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TV show Wolf Creek follows one of the most horrifying franchises ever produced by Aussies. This is a television series based on a movie that actually has a true story behind it. A murderous maniac was hunting on empty roads of Australia killing tourists and locals alike.

He was a vicious predator who only wanted to kill for sport and was one of the worst criminals in the history of Australia. The movie did not do too well, but it was warmly welcomed by both critics and interested audiences making sure that the sequel was only a matter of time. The franchise was kick started and sprawled into several different medias including TV.

TV show Wolf Creek is a great piece of entertainment for those who want to see gruesome dark maniacal hunt and people who are only trying to survive in a very grim environment. People are dying, but catching the killer is not an easy task. This is a survival story with lots of blood and killing.

The overall arc is quite simple as several tourists find themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse in the emptiness of Australian savanna. The maniac is smart and relentless. The question of survival is still on the table for our heroes! Download episodes of Wolf Creek and enjoy the killing spree!

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Air Date: December 15, 2017

Wolf Creek season 2 is finally here and the story just keeps getting better as the plot thickens to the point where it is hard to see its true nature. We are all for great dramas with lots of interesting characters and smart dialogue.

When it is all about horror and terrifying stories, we are even more excited as lovers of the genre. The mini-series has been amazingly successful right from the start after delivering a compelling story in a condensed format. Introducing a plethora of simple yet memorable characters and throwing them right into the action also helped to amp the excitement for the show to a much higher level.

Wolf Creek season 2 is amazing from every angle. There are various really cool things that happen here and there. However, the format does not allow authors to wonder away from the main storyline which is about an inventive killer who is trying to make his victim count go as high as possible while also toying with the police.

Is it a good show for a person who loves a solid criminal drama? Yes. Is it a nice choice for an evening with your SO? If you both love horrors and crime, YES! Join the small army of followers of this series that shook up the genre quite a bit and made everyone talk about it.

Trailer Wolf Creek season 2

Wolf Creek Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Wolf Creek season 2

Scene 1, TV Show Wolf Creek season 2
Scene 2, TV Show Wolf Creek season 2
Scene 3, TV Show Wolf Creek season 2
Scene 4, TV Show Wolf Creek season 2
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Scene 6, TV Show Wolf Creek season 2
Air Date: May 12, 2016

Australia’s new miniseries Wolf Creek, filmed in an intriguing horror genre. 2016, from the very beginning, was rich in new, interesting projects and this turned out to be one of them. The story shown in it, like most viewers who know a lot about movies shot in this genre. Greg McLean, director and screenwriter is an excellent horror film director, and is considered one of the best of its kind.

The focus of “Wolf Creek” is a young beautiful girl named Eva. She and her family, had long dreamed of spending at least one week of the year not in America, but somewhere on the other side of the earth, and even better on another continent, where there would be colorful, untouched by nature civilization, picturesque forests and mountains with wild , animals not frightened by people, which will complement the wonderful innocence of flora and fauna. After long and heated debates, the whole family agreed on a common opinion, they will go to rest in Australia, or rather to the north of Australia, because there, it is less populated by people.

Traveling around the continent, wanting to get to the place recommended by him, the crater called “Wolf Creek”, they met with a local hunter, at least that was how he introduced them, and invited him to a picnic kinotochka.club. He entertained the spouses and their son with stories and tales about Australia and this place until midnight. Eva, went to bed early, to the trailer, and what her horror was when a man broke into the house on wheels with a bloody knife in his hands.

Out of herself from what she saw, she tried to escape, but the bullet overtook her, and the girl fell into the river. Only by a miracle, Eva managed to survive, but after a while, barely standing on her feet after recovery, driven by a thirst for revenge, the girl decided to go in search of a maniac to avenge his dead relatives and the horror she had suffered.

Trailer Wolf Creek season 1

Wolf Creek Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Wolf Creek season 1

Scene 1, TV Show Wolf Creek season 1
Scene 2, TV Show Wolf Creek season 1
Scene 3, TV Show Wolf Creek season 1
Scene 4, TV Show Wolf Creek season 1
Scene 5, TV Show Wolf Creek season 1
Scene 6, TV Show Wolf Creek season 1

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