Last Air Date: September 13, 2019
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  • 8.5 (based on 35 818 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season #1: September 13, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
  • Created By: Susannah Grant
Toni Collette
Toni Collette
Merritt Wever
Merritt Wever
Kaitlyn Dever
Kaitlyn Dever
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This series promises to tell a non-fictional story based on real events. The authors of the script tell the story of a girl who approached the police. The teenager says she was raped. She begs for the scoundrel to be found and punished, but the next day she changes her mind and takes the statement from the police.

The girl’s strange behavior could not but arouse interest from law enforcement officials. Two detectives set out to investigate the case in order to understand the motives and reasons for the appeal and refusal to investigate. What really lies behind the rape case?

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Air Date: September 13, 2019

We bring to your attention the dramatic mini-series “The Incredible”, which, according to the creators, is based on real-life events.

On January 22, 2018, Netflix ordered the “Incredible” mini-series, a plot of eight episodes taken from an article written by Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong and published by ProPublica, a nonprofit news service whose staff conducts their own investigative journalism Marshall Project ”is also a non-profit organization specializing in criminal justice issues in the United States. The article described the story of rape and she entered the storyline of the mini-series “The Incredible.”

At the center of the story is a pretty teenage girl, Marie Adler, who claimed she was raped. The young girl was accused of lying, though Marie stood firm. Two women, Detective Grace Rasmussen and Detective Karen Duval, took up this “murky” and mysterious affair.

The story goes back to 2008, when Marie Adler (played by actress Caitlin Deaver), a young teenage girl involved in a program to support young people raised in foster care, reports of rape. Marie lived in a lesbian family. She reported the rape, but after being contacted by law enforcement and intimidated “to death,” she refused to press charges.

Three years later, in 2011, two detectives, bully and uncompromising Grace Rasmussen and her co-worker, detective Karen Duval, who began to self-indulge, began to investigate several cases of rape, which were similar to what happened in Marie Adler. A new turn of events has begun and now, the events in the series will be swept between the past and present, then highlighting as a reminder what happened to Marie Adler, then again focusing on 2011, where two women are investigating teen crimes.

At the same time, Grace and Karen tell the police without question that they are sometimes inhumanly questioned by both suspects and witnesses and victims. At some point, the viewer will see as Detective Rasmussen talking to an FBI agent, Billy Taggert, who rape, reminds him that “police beat people much more often than ordinary people do on the streets.”

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