The Tick
Last Air Date: February 22, 2018
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The Tick

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Peter Serafinowicz
Peter Serafinowicz
Griffin Newman
Griffin Newman
Valorie Curry
Valorie Curry
Brendan Hines
Brendan Hines
Jackie Earle Haley
Jackie Earle Haley
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Yara Martinez
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The protagonist of this series is The Tick. Simple, modest, but at the same time incredibly strong and courageous guy struggling with crime. He has already captivated everybody with his blue eyes, but the main character does not slay his enemies by far with their beauty.

The guy jumps over the roofs of huge houses and uses his superpower to stop criminal gangs who are trying to turn the next fraud. At stake are not only huge money, but also the lives of people, so the main character does not waste time. However, when it comes to a minute of rest, Tick does not refuse to communicate with pretty ladies.

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The focus of the first season of this funny series turned out to be a superhero Tick! This blue-eyed and brave defender of the city, though not similar to another well-known uncle in the same role, still tries to be a worthy fighter against crime. Of course, among other superheroes, Tick does not enjoy any popularity and recognizability.

The main character tries to match the level of his comrades – he also jumps on skyscrapers, also undertakes special missions, also likes to engage in battles with numerous enemies. The most important thing is that Tika has a good heart and good intentions in any situation!

Trailer The Tick season 2

The Tick Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: August 19, 2016

Tick ​​/ Tick – this series is like a game remake of a television animated series that first appeared on screens on the American Fox Kids channel in 1994, and in turn was an adaptation of the same-name comic strip. Comics, and after him and his incarnation screen are a parody of the comics about superheroes and super-villains.
The main character of the film is a superhero named Tick, which means “tick”. Tick, along with his assistant Arthur valiantly fighting crime that captured the City (The City). The main antagonist of the fighters for the purity of his native city is Stulolitsiy Chippandale, but there is also El Zerno and Baker, all notorious super-villains.

In the project, in a parody key, many super-heroes are ridiculed, among them Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and Aquaman, and many, many, many of the inhabitants of the superhero-super-villainous universe.

Main characters:
Tick-hero is the coolest and invincible superhero, eager to save the whole world from all villains. Differs incredible kindness and sincerity. A fan of superheroes and spies from a variety of comics, which consumes in huge quantities. All the time on it is a blue tick suit.
Arthur is a silly and dumb assistant Tika, a great expert on housekeeping All the while he flaunts a white moth in a suit (which, however, looks more like a white rabbit’s dress, for which he is often mistaken).
The bat is another superhero, a great friend of the inseparable Tick and Arthur. Explicit and very funny parody of Batman. Incredibly pathetic, but in fact extremely shy and cowardly.
American Virgin – a friend of all the above super-heroes and herself, of course, also a superheroine. Parody of Captain America.

Secondary superheroes:
Civic-Minded Five – parody embodiment of the Fantastic Four (The Avengers).
Clark Oppenheimer is the parody embodiment of Superman.
Piff Paf is the parodying of the Punisher.
Sewer Hedgehog – a very original superhero without an obvious prototype.
The stool-faced Chippendale is the main antagonist, constantly dissatisfied with something, who aspires to world domination. His head is a chair that was the subject of ridicule from his classmates when he was in school. This was the psychological reason that he became a super villain.
El Grain – a gardener, and in combination a super villain. The humanoid sunflower walks in the costume of a matador of an incredibly green color scheme.
Baker – confectioner-super-villain.
Secondary super-villains:
Jim Rage parading Nick Fury.
People Ideas – a parody embodiment of the X-Men, etc.

Trailer The Tick season 1

The Tick Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes The Tick season 1

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