The Conners
Last Air Date: October 01, 2019
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The Conners

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  • 5.1 (based on 6 406 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season #2: September 24, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Matt Williams
Sara Gilbert
Sara Gilbert
John Goodman
John Goodman
Laurie Metcalf
Laurie Metcalf
Lecy Goranson
Lecy Goranson
Michael Fishman
Michael Fishman
Emma Kenney
Emma Kenney
Ames McNamara
Ames McNamara
Jayden Rey
Jayden Rey
Maya Lynne Robinson
Maya Lynne Robinson
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The series “Conners” is a kind of continuation of the project “Rosanna”, but without the main character. The plot tells about Darlene Conner and her children, who regularly find themselves in the midst of amusing and comical situations.

The main characters are interesting characters who continue the best traditions of the Rosanna project. The atmosphere is preserved, and the stories have become even more exciting and unique.

It was decided to change the original project after the scandal with Rosanna, who left a provocative post on Twitter. The authors hope for the success of their series, even without the familiar and beloved by many heroines.

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The Conners season 2

The Conners season 2 poster ABC
Air Date: September 24, 2019

The series Conners is a fascinating offshoot from the main storyline of the Rosanna project. The spin-off offers viewers to immerse themselves in an atmosphere that is already familiar to many viewers.

All characters familiar from the famous and popular in the last series participate in the picture. True, the audience is unlikely to see the very Roseanne Barr, which many loved by the original design.

The series tries to maintain its atmosphere, tells amazing and fascinating stories, drags headlong into a truly vivid plot and humor at every turn. Enjoy watching.

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Trailer The Conners season 2

The Conners Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes The Conners season 2

Scene 1, TV Show The Conners season 2

The Conners season 1

The Conners season 1 poster ABC
Air Date: October 15, 2018

The television comedy series Conners by ABC is an offshoot of the Rosanna television series (1988-1997). in 2018, they decided to revive Rosanna, however, after the scandal surrounding the actress Rosanna Barr (for a racist statement), who played a central female role, the television channel ABC decided to cover up the project.

Now, the Conner family was left without Rosanna (the creators of the project killed the main character), and the head of the family, Darlene, is struggling to cope with the children left without maternal supervision. Rosanna died three weeks ago, but the children are already tired of mourning and the food that is now being cooked in the house, the daily casserole is already lumpy in the throat. They believe that it is time to stop sorrow and continue on, as before.

Not only that, the surviving Conners just do not like, and they don’t know how to cook, therefore, at the suggestion of the head of the family, they will mourn Rozanne and eat a casserole until someone learns how to cook or, at worst, get it normal food for the whole family. In addition, the whole family still has not returned the dishes to the neighbors, in which the neighbors who condoled with their grief brought them this same casserole. Although it’s difficult to call it dishes, as these are just food containers, but you need to return them, so that your neighbors can prepare a casserole and take it to other mourners.

But Conners try not to lose heart and even joke about death. For example, the great-grandmother said that a mother should not die before her children, since this is contrary to nature. Well, the children are engaged in the fact that they go around the house and gradually look for things that belong to Rosanna, which she long ago considered lost forever.

So life goes on despite the fact that the most important person in the family is no longer there. However, the memory of her will live in the hearts of all family members, their relatives and friends, who, despite the fact that Rosanna passed away three weeks ago, still come to express condolences (which, in principle, no one needs Conner anymore) and of course support them with friendly advice.

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Trailer The Conners season 1

The Conners Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes The Conners season 1

Scene 1, TV Show The Conners season 1
Scene 2, TV Show The Conners season 1
Scene 3, TV Show The Conners season 1
Scene 4, TV Show The Conners season 1
Scene 5, TV Show The Conners season 1
Scene 6, TV Show The Conners season 1
Scene 7, TV Show The Conners season 1
Scene 8, TV Show The Conners season 1
Scene 9, TV Show The Conners season 1
Scene 10, TV Show The Conners season 1
Scene 11, TV Show The Conners season 1

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