Last Air Date: December 27, 2019
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  • 7.8 (based on 24 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season #1: November 28, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
  • Created By: Tony Basgallop
Lauren Ambrose
Lauren Ambrose
Toby Kebbell
Toby Kebbell
Nell Tiger Free
Nell Tiger Free
Rupert Grint
Rupert Grint
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The series “Servant” is a frightening story that can happen to anyone. The main characters are happy parents. Finally, the first-born they had been waiting for so long appeared in their family. Dorothy and Sean Turners would be happy to be engaged in the baby themselves, but they do not always have enough time.

The characters decide to hire a young nanny to their family. Lianna is an ideal candidate who looks like a really promising and promising maid. True, the appearance in the house of this girl is a real disaster for the family. Lianna brings a pinch to the life of the main characters, although sometimes even a whole handful, of real horror …

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Air Date: November 28, 2019

M. Knight Shyamalan together with Lisa Bruhlmann present to your attention the psychological thriller, the web series “House with the Servant”, based on the script by Tony Basgallop, who worked on such projects as “Teachers” (2001 – 2004), “Outcast” (2016 – 2017), 24 Hours: Live Another Day and 24 Hours: Legacy. The web series “House with a Servant” was commissioned by the “Apple TV +” channel, and the start of its production was announced on February 27, 2018.

By the way, back in November 2018, it became known that the Potteriana star Rupert Grint signed a contract for a supporting role in a series of psychological thrillers from the Apple TV + channel launched by nominee for 2 Oscar awards M. Knight Shyamalan and joined to the previously announced acting ensemble in the person of Lauren Ambrose (TV series “The Client is Always Dead”) and Nell Tiger (TV series “Game of Thrones”). Ruper Grint will play Julian Pierce, the younger brother of central heroine Dorothy.

So, the focus is on the spouses Sean and Dorothy Turner. They have long been waiting for when they finally become parents and this finally happened. They have a child in which Sean and Dorothy don’t have a soul. But trouble came from where they had not expected her at all. Their baby was seriously ill and, despite the efforts made to save his life, died after a health complication. Needless to say, what grief gripped Dorothy and Sean when they lost their child overnight. It probably clouded their minds, as the couple came to a common decision to make up for the loss and replace their newborn, but deceased child, with a doll.

Moreover, they began to perceive the doll as a real living child, their child, and of course he needed a nanny. Sean and Dorothy found a nanny. She turned out to be a young girl named Lynn Grayson, who by no means expected that her ward would be a human-like baby doll and this doll, she would have to take care of a living child, feed, drink, change clothes, lay down to sleep, sing songs and tell tales to night, otherwise …
Well, what will happen differently, and how events will develop further in this eerie, gloomy story, you can find out if you watch online, the psychological thriller, the web series “House with the Servant”.

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