Last Air Date: May 29, 2019
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  • 6.6 (based on 5 231 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Air Date Season #2: May 23, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Neil Jordan
Julia Stiles
Julia Stiles
Lena Olin
Lena Olin
Anthony LaPaglia
Anthony LaPaglia
Iwan Rheon
Iwan Rheon
Dimitri Leonidas
Dimitri Leonidas
Roxane Duran
Roxane Duran
Adrian Lester
Adrian Lester
Phil Davis
Phil Davis
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The action-packed episode tells how quickly the days that seemed the most beautiful in life can end. For the main character of the multi-part thriller “Riviera” these days were really happy. She has dreamed of becoming the wife of a loved one since she was a teenager.

Georgina’s dreams came true: she was madly in love with her chosen one, besides, his fortune was estimated at billions of dollars. However, the latter circumstance was the cause of further tragedy … Soon after the wedding, the girl became a widow.

On the yacht Constantine there was a rigged explosion that killed a successful businessman. The first days the heroine was completely mourned, but then she began to understand something. Georgina more and more often notices that the environment of her lover consists of greedy and cunning people who are ready for any meanness.

She begins to suspect that Konstantin was killed by someone from close people. At first, they were just baseless guesses, but then the girl was convinced that she was right and realized that her life was also in danger. Will the heroine find a way not to repeat the fate of her dead husband?

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Air Date: May 23, 2019

Georgina had a long meeting with a young man named Constantine. Soon their meetings turned into something more. The main character received an offer from a rich lover, after which a magnificent wedding was played.

It seems that Georgina’s life was a success. She has everything: a loved one, a lot of money, regular social events and so on. In addition, the main character is often satisfied with the rest on Revere, where she most of all likes to spend free time. However, her husband soon died after the explosion on the yacht.

Georgina loses everything she had. She now has no money, she does not have that influence and that popularity. The heroine is accustomed to luxury, but now she cannot find a place for herself in the new world, in the new life that the villain-destiny has prepared for her.

After the death of her husband, she has to do everything possible to protect her loved ones, but how to do it? For eight interesting episodes, you’ll watch an incredible story that promises to be one of the best British dramas of the current year. Enjoy watching, dear viewers.

Trailer Riviera season 2

Riviera Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: June 15, 2017

Riviera is a new detective series, which unfolds on the background of amazing seascapes …
What only the Riviere does not happen … Practically, this word refers to all the sea and ocean coasts, which are typical of the typical Mediterranean climate. Here and the Turkish Riviera, and the Crimean and the Caucasus. There is even the American Riviera – a resort area of ​​Santa Barbara.

But if before this word there is no defining geographical adjective, then we can only talk about the classical Mediterranean Riviera – the coast of the Ligurian Sea with a mild climate and wonderful beaches, which stretches from the French Cannes in the west to the picturesque Italian town of La Spezia, which is considered eastern the end of the Riviera.

The French part of this paradise is called very romantic and picturesque “Cote d’Azur”. It is there that the most famous resorts with a long history are located, fanned by many legends and myths, with the names of which various celebrities emerge in memory – here both frivolous and cheerful Nice, and the cinematic Mecca – Cannes, and the bustling port Marseille, and the renowned hippie San Tropez and even the whole principality of Monaco with its famous gambling houses.

There are almost three hundred sunny days a year, and although the temperature sometimes rises to 35 above zero, since the climate is dry, it is almost never stuffy. Sometimes at the beginning of summer the mistral reaches the Cote d’Azur – a cold mountain wind, but this happens very rarely. And the water temperature in the summer is never below 20 degrees. There grow sycamore trees and palm trees, cypress trees, chestnuts, vineyards. Resort proud buried in gardens and parks. In short, just a materialized Eden.

The coast, which is cut by a multitude of cozy bays and wonderful beaches, is simply strewn with all sorts of luxury hotels, places of entertainment and everything that brings a lot of fun, but it requires a fairly large amount of financial resources. And accordingly there is a huge number of rich people idly spending their time, beautiful women, and therefore fraudsters of various stripes, criminals, and even murderers …

One of the wealthy citizens who enjoy spending time on the Cote d’Azur was also a very rich and not very young man with a billion-dollar fortune and a very attractive blonde as wives, as well as an adult son named Adam. It is not surprising that in this situation, this unfortunate gentleman soon died under rather incomprehensible and mysterious circumstances of kinotochka.club, which gave the police grounds to assume that his death did not occur for natural reasons. And given that his beautiful and very young (compared to the deceased) widow inherited a very solid state from her husband, and her son did not remain in the loser, he also received a substantial sum, it was them who became suspicious of committing this terrible crime. And the police did not begin to deeply understand the issues of motives, since these motives are so obvious …

These circumstances are forcing the suspected heirs themselves to take up the tangle of mysterious circumstances that led to such a sad end, because it turned out to be the only way to prove their innocence and not be in the defendants’ prison for murder, with even more sad consequences …

Will young people succeed in finding the real culprit in the death of their husband and father? To learn this, watch this fascinating series against the backdrop of the French Riviera.

Trailer Riviera season 1

Riviera Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online

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