Red Dwarf
Last Air Date: May 28, 2018
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Red Dwarf

TV show Red Dwarf all seasons download

  • 8.4 (based on 31 225 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Air Date Season #12: October 12, 2017
  • Number Of Seasons: 12
  • Created By: Rob Grant, Doug Naylor
Danny John-Jules
Danny John-Jules
Craig Charles
Craig Charles
Chris Barrie
Chris Barrie
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TV show Red Dwarf does not shy away from fusing together various elements of a good sci-fi story with a character driven storytelling. This mix is a great change of pace for those who usually watch one or the other. At the same time, this series features really smart British humor and has a lot of really interesting ideas that make it a really good entertainment for anyone. If you really want to watch something outstanding both in terms of comedic acting and good story development, you will definitely enjoy this amazing show about an otherworldly team of strange beings who somehow managed to get together and form a very effective team of space adventurers.

TV show Red Dwarf is set in the vast emptiness of space and has a lot of room for amazing stories that are still mostly driven by relationships between characters. Propelled into action by mistakes and smart decisions from the team, every single episode is a fusion of good laughs, interesting solutions to complicated problems, and lots of amazing small character interactions that make it stand out.

There is a lot of really good stuff that happens in this series and you will most certainly hate to miss even a fraction of it. Download Red Dwarf episodes in MP4, MPEG, and AVI. Watch every single episode and enjoy!

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Air Date: October 12, 2017

Red Dwarf season 12 does not plan to stray away from the ideas that made this show as entertaining and long lasting as it is. A witty comedy set in a convincing yet absolutely absurd sci-fi world continues to make us laugh while discussing serious problems. This series was a great invention of British TV.

The show managed to soak in distinct weird humor of the Empire and add a new twist to canonic clichés of the genre pushing the boundaries of the premise many times over the course of years while it was airing. It is a nice mix of dirty jokes, strange plot premises, and very good acting as well as hilarious design of nearly everything on screen.

Red Dwarf season 12 will not let you down if you are searching for a good show that will make you laugh. If you consider yourself a diehard fan of the sci-fi genre and can speak to your friends in Klingon, you will undoubtedly fall in love with this series that does not know how to take itself seriously. With great adventures, well written dialogues, and fun relationships between all characters, the show never fails to deliver a good episode. A likeable bunch consisting of a robot, mutant cat, hologram, and a smart AI will continue its journey through space.

Trailer Red Dwarf season 12

Red Dwarf Season 12 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Red Dwarf season 12

Air Date: September 23, 2016

“Red Dwarf” – this is such a small spacecraft, which furrows the expanses of the universe. The truth is now not composed of the most pleasant stories. A strange emission of radiation on board the ship killed all life. Only Dave Lister was alive. The guy was in time delayers, so he avoided infection. He now has to think about what to do with such a huge vessel and all those who could not be saved.

Holly is the computer navigator that controls the Red Dwarf. This system keeps Lister in moderators until the radiation leaves the ship. Hmm, too, not everyone wants to sit for three million years locked up. Lister wakes up, being the only representative of his species … but he is not the only one alive aboard a ship!

Trailer Red Dwarf season 11

Red Dwarf Season 11 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Red Dwarf season 11

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Air Date: September 23, 2012

The action of the series takes place on a spaceship called “Red Dwarf”. After the deadly radiation release on the ship, all life is killed, only the junior technician Dave Lister, who was in the temporary moderator, and his pregnant cat Frankenstein, who was in the cargo hold, survive. The Red Dwarf’s onboard computer, Holly, holds Lister in a moderator until the radiation drops to a safe level for life, which stretches to 3,000,000 years.

Due to this chance, Lister is the last survivor of humans, but not the only living thing aboard a spacecraft. Thanks to Holly, Arnold Rimmer, his boss and neighbor in the cabin, is resurrected, taking on the form of a hologram. In addition to them on the ship also lives an entity called The Cat, born of the cat Lister.

Trailer Red Dwarf season 10

Red Dwarf Season 10 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: April 10, 2009

The place where the events unfold, becomes a spacecraft, called the “Red Dwarf”. After the strongest radiation destroys all life on board, only the youngest technician Dave Lister and his cat, Frankenstein, can escape. Dave survives due to the fact that he was in a time delay device, and the cat, which was in the cargo room, was not affected by the radiation.

Holi is an onboard artificial intelligence of a ship; it does not release Lister from the time delayer until the radiation level drops to the lowest possible level. It took 3,000,000 years. In this regard, Dave Lister is the only living creature of human origin on this ship. But he is not alone, as Holi restores his boss, Arnold Rimmer, in the form of a holographic image. And onboard the ship lives a creature called the Cat.

Trailer Red Dwarf season 9

Red Dwarf Season 9 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: February 18, 1999

The story takes place on the spaceship “Red Dwarf”, in which from a large dose of radiation, everyone dies, except for the technique of Dave Lister and his cat. Dave was at this point in the time delayer, and his cat Frankenstein was in the cargo hold.

Holi is the artificial intelligence of a spacecraft, it leaves the equipment in a moderator until it is safe to live on the ship, it takes 3,000,000 years. Lister now has every right to be called the last person on board the ship, but not the only living thing. Holly’s on-board computer revives his boss, Arnold Rimmer, in the form of a hologram. Another living creature on the ship is the Cat, the creature that the Frankenstein cat gave birth to.

Trailer Red Dwarf season 8

Red Dwarf Season 8 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: January 17, 1997

Events unfold on a spaceship called “Red Dwarf”. A deadly radiation blast brings death to all on the “Red Dwarf”. Only junior mechanic Dave Lister and his pregnant cat Frankenstein manage to survive. The first one was lucky due to the fact that he was by chance in the time delayer, and the cat survived, since at that time it was in the cargo area.

Holi, the ship’s main computer, leaves Dave in a moderator until the radiation subsides, it takes 3 million years to calculate. Therefore, Lister, it can be said, remains the only human being on board, but he is not alone, since the on-board computer recreates the hologram of one of the crew members of the ship – Lister chief – Arnold Rimmer. In addition, the company they are the creation of a nickname Cat, generated by the cat Frankenstein.

Trailer Red Dwarf season 7

Red Dwarf Season 7 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: October 07, 1993

On the spacecraft “Red Dwarf” happens a large emission of radiation, which is fatal to all living beings on the ship. Only the junior technician Dave, who was at the time of the ejection in the time delayer, remains alive. Holly, an onboard computer, creates holograms of several crew members, and leaves the main character in a moderator until the background subsides, which can take up to three million years.

Trailer Red Dwarf season 6

Red Dwarf Season 6 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: February 20, 1992

The “Red Dwarf” is an intergalactic spacecraft on which all the action takes place. The radiation background turned out to be too large for the life of people, and because of it almost all life on the ship perishes. By chance, Dave turns out to be a technician in the time delayer, which saves him. Together with him, his pregnant cat Frankenstein survives.

Behind the main thing, Holly’s on-board artificial intelligence remains, which will keep the time delay active until the radiation level becomes harmless. According to Holly’s calculations, it will take about three million years, and she keeps Lister in a moderator until she reaches a safe level of radiation, which takes 3,000,000 years …

Trailer Red Dwarf season 5

Red Dwarf Season 5 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: February 14, 1991

Events in the series take place on the spacecraft “Red Dwarf”. The deadly share of radiation destroys everyone on the ship, except the junior technician Dave Lister, who was in the time delayer, and the cat Frankenstein, who was pregnant and was in the cargo area.

Holly, the Red Dwarf’s main computer, is forced to keep Lister in a moderator until the radiation diminishes, and this will happen after 3,000,000 years. Therefore, Lister becomes, one might say, the only representative of the human race in the universe, but not the only living creature on the ship. The computer recreates the hologram of his cabin neighbor and his boss, Arnold Rimmer. In addition, the creature lives on the ship by the name of the Cat, which was born from the cat Frankenstein.

Trailer Red Dwarf season 4

Red Dwarf Season 4 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: November 14, 1989

An intergalactic ship called the “Red Dwarf” is surfing the universe. But on the ship, not everything is as quiet and peaceful as it seems. Emission of a huge dose of radiation killed almost all life on the ship. The only survivors, for unknown reasons, remained Dave, who serves as a technician on the ship and his cat with the strange name Frankenstein.

Holly, the ship’s computer, plunged Dave into a forced sleep, so that he would come to his senses only when the radiation level drops to safe. And this is at least 300 thousand years.

In the meantime, Holly is bored, she created the holograms of former crew members of Dave’s neighbor, Listret and commander of the ship Arnold Rimmer. And the mutant kotyar, who is called simply the Cat, the son of a Frankenstein cat, is running along the ship.

Trailer Red Dwarf season 3

Red Dwarf Season 3 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: September 06, 1988

The action in the series unfolds on the spacecraft. After a lethal dose of radiation that was thrown on board the Red Dwarf, there is no one left except for Dave Lister, one of the junior technicians, and even a cat waiting for posterity. Lister was lucky that he was in the zone of the time delayer, which will keep him in this state for 3 million years, and his cat Frankenstein successfully wandered during the emission of radiation into the cargo compartment.

To make Lister not so lonely, because he turned out to be the only representative of humanity, Holly’s computer creates a hologram for him of the former head of Rimmer, who was once a cabin neighbor of Lister. And somewhere on board, a certain Cat lives and wanders – a strange creature born from that only surviving cat …

Trailer Red Dwarf season 2

Red Dwarf Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: February 15, 1988

The action of this series takes place on the “Red Dwarf”, the spacecraft. A deadly dose of radiation sends to the world of others everyone on board, only junior technical worker Dave Lister, who at the time of the disaster was in the so-called “time delayer”, as well as a cat waiting for kittens, named Frankenstein, who was hiding in the cargo hold, remain alive.

Holly’s on-board computer does not release Dave from the moderator until the minute the radiation level falls to normal. And it takes three million years. So Dave Lister becomes literally the last person on Earth, but not the only living thing on a ship.

The on-board computer returns to life in the image of a hologram of another one – the neighbor in the bed of Lister and his actual boss Arnold Rimmer. Even on the “Red Dwarf” lives one Cat, whose parent was Frankenstein.

Trailer Red Dwarf season 1

Red Dwarf Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online