Peaky Blinders
Last Air Date: September 22, 2019
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Peaky Blinders

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  • 8.8 (based on 242 717 user ratings)
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Air Date Season #5: August 25, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 5
  • Created By: Steven Knight, Steven Knight
Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy
Helen McCrory
Helen McCrory
Sophie Rundle
Sophie Rundle
Finn Cole
Finn Cole
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson
Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips
Jordan Bolger
Jordan Bolger
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TV show Peaky Blinders was a tremendous success and made a big impression on viewers who were hungry for a good period piece about criminals and gangsters. Set in 1920s, this series offers you an opportunity to see how a small local gang changed into one of most feared criminal structures in the history of Ireland. This is a great story with memorable characters, strong dialogue, and intense interactions between characters. Created by unbelievably talented performers such as Murphy and Neill, these heroes do feel like real. The amount of betrayals, intrigues, and very mature content will definitely satisfy even pickiest watchers.

TV show Peaky Blinders has a lot to offer to those who wants to enjoy a very good period drama that also has a very well-written plot without massive holes and interestingly written dialogues. The atmosphere presented in the show is gritty and dark, but it also has some sweet moments of joy. It is a very versatile show that has many faces and caters to a wide audience. Praised by both critics and viewers alike, the series is a multiple award winner and has a very bright future. Showrunners have no plans to slow down and many plans of expansion were expressed over the course of last two years. Download episodes of the series right now and witness history!

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Air Date: August 25, 2019

Shelby keeps all of Birmingham at bay. Their gang is one of the most influential in the city. There are legends about the tricks of these gangsters, because in the twenties of the last century after the end of the First World War, it was they who became not only the main problem of the whole state, but also one of the engines of progress in Birmingham.

Yes, even if their criminal activity brought a lot of problems, but technological progress and doing business depended on the representatives of this family.

The main characters continued to work for the benefit of themselves and local residents, but most often they had to settle accounts with representatives of other gangs. Numerous conflicts of interest, criminal skirmishes and much, much more – that’s what the criminal groups of that time lived.

Trailer Peaky Blinders season 5

Peaky Blinders Season 5 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Peaky Blinders season 5

Air Date: November 15, 2017

Peaky Blinders season 4 brings back the dark and gritty tonality of the show to the small screen and once again unites an enormously talented cast led by Killian Murphy himself. Over the course of years, the show managed to attract attention from people all over the world and quickly became one of the most in-demand British TV productions. Everything about this show feels satisfying and great. Lots of violence, complicated intrigues and sudden betrayals, people backstabbing each other constantly, and all other aspects that make it a perfect R-rated series.

Peaky Blinders season 4 not only managed to surprise everyone with intense storytelling and masterfully written characters, but also regularly introduced new heroes. Acting has been top-notch since the very beginning and pacing never failed to impress with consistency. All elements of this amazing show are impeccable and the show definitely earned its fame of one the most anticipated and decorated British dramas. If you are in love with the beginning of the 20th century and want to learn more about England’s criminal world of that period, you will never find a better drama than this one. Get ready to travel through time and enjoy intrigues and tragedy!

Trailer Peaky Blinders season 4

Peaky Blinders Season 4 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Peaky Blinders season 4

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Air Date: May 05, 2016

Infants, thrown out mixed with fish tripe and eggshell, girls of eleven years, mercilessly surrendered to the elderly at a cost of three pence at a time, beggars and robbers, quietly walking around the streets, fathers with children and brothers and sisters warming each other’s beds. As well as constant explosions, disassembly between gangs of different clans, speculation, corpses thrown into the river – all this is dangerous Birmengem 20s of the twentieth century. It is in this place, forgotten by God, that the main chilling events of the crime-dramatic series Peaky Blinders / Sharp Visors 3 season online will unfold.

The Shelby family has always brought others into a state of primordial thrill and horror. As soon as the foot of any of the members of this clan appeared on the pavement, it became quiet everywhere. People with honor lowered their eyes and were ready to carry out any mission, just not to fall into disfavor. The men who returned to the city from the war, once again took control of the local territory, receiving for free everything their heart desires. The bold robbery of a local weapon factory leads to the fact that an investigator from the British secret intelligence, Chester Campbell, is sent to the city. The methods of his work are simple – to kill and throw all unwanted into the river, and not to jail, as is usually done. Winston Churchill himself instructed an experienced major to deal with the case of state importance and to find who stole 25 Lewes machine guns, 10,000 rounds of ammunition for them, 50 semi-automatic rifles and 200 pistols that were to be sent to Libya.

The main suspects of the most daring crime lately are Arthur Shelby, who is a gangster, extortionist, illegal bookmaker, as well as the leader of the Sharp Visors gang. Thomas Shelby is a man who has committed many armed robberies and is also part of the aforementioned gang. The third suspect was Freddy Thorn – a communist agitator and a Bolshevik, who is considered the organizer of the abduction of weapons. Chester needs to find out who played what role in the case under investigation, as well as cleanse Birmengem from all the criminal waste that has become part of the oxygen in this small town. To do this, he creates a network of secret agents throughout the area, including, he sends on a particularly dangerous task Grace Burgess – the daughter of his former partner, who was killed by some of the Republicans. The girl takes root in the gang, becoming a bartender in one of the most eatery institutions of the city and she does not notice how she falls in love with the secret leader of Sharp Visors, the imposing Thomas.

Trailer Peaky Blinders season 3

Peaky Blinders Season 3 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Peaky Blinders season 3

Air Date: October 02, 2014

The series Peaky Blinders for its first season, consisting of only six episodes, managed to tickle the nerves of all thrill-seekers. Therefore, when the last series died down, the viewer began inexorably to demand the continuation of the banquet, and the creators had nothing else to do but take up the pen and start working on creating the new season. And so very cold in 2014 makes a huge gift to all fans of this project.

As we all remember very well, the action of the criminalistic series Peaky Blinders takes place in Birmingham in the 20s. Need to say it was not the most rosy time for the country. The cruel war claimed the lives of millions of innocent people, and at the same time took away the peace, stability and welfare of the entire population. Once happy and carefree city dwellers are now plunged into a miserable existence in devastation and general chaos. After all, it is precisely this that war is terrible, it inflicts a huge painful blow to the whole country and people, not only when they clean up their homeland at the front, but also after the end of the bloodshed. And when order and stability are completely absent, anarchy and utter chaos become the head of the country.

So this industrial town, which not so long ago lived a full-fledged happy life with huge plans for the future, at one moment found itself at the bottom, in total lawlessness and crime. Now civilians can only dream of past peace. Concepts such as smuggling, murder, drugs, the arms trade, and poverty have become familiar to them, and they have not caused due horror and fear for a long time. In such conditions, when a small town becomes a breeding ground for crime and vice, it is extremely easy to become the inflexible leader of this criminal activity, for that you just need to have a little more audacity and decisiveness than others.

It was precisely these distinctive features that distinguished the hero Killian Murphy, who was given the role of the head of the attack gang that swallowed the city with the loud name Peaky Blinders online. The group received such a name because they hid sharpened blades in the visors of their caps. Therefore, it was possible to expect anything from these guys. Cruel and fearless gangsters kept the entire city in fear, because every person knew very well that disobedience could threaten them with very cruel reprisals. Due to the countless robberies and protection of serious personalities, the gang led a very comfortable existence. However, all good things end sooner or later, and one way or another, everyone in this life must pay for their actions and decisions. But how can we be pleased with the new second season of the ground caps?! …

Trailer Peaky Blinders season 2

Peaky Blinders Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Peaky Blinders season 2

Air Date: September 12, 2013

The new series of British origin Peaky Blinders takes us to the distant 20s of the last century in the glorious city of Birmingham, but it is famous not for any attractions, but for its poor, corruption in the criminal world, so that ordinary citizens of that time will not envy. The outcome of the post-war period, it was the war that broke the spirit of the people and complicated the already not easy life. Now chaos and chaos reigns on the streets, the back streets become a familiar place to commit murder. Most of the residents are not at all in favor of it, however, there were those to whom it was at hand.

At the head of Birmingham is the Shelby family, it can be called a real criminal group or just a gang, it was they who ran the show and called them Peaky Blinders, but do you know why? Everything is simple, it turns out to be a traditional headdress – at that time it carried a mortal danger in itself, but do not think that they imagined themselves to be some kind of special agents and were spreading their hats cutting the throats of the victims, it was much simpler and more realistic storage place of weapons, namely the blade! Here is such an original idea that brings death to the recalcitrant.

The basic earnings of the Peaky Blinders were robberies and gambling, they acted coolly and ruthlessly, which soon made them the most powerful and influential group of the city, from now on everything was under their control, but could it continue like that?

Trailer Peaky Blinders season 1

Peaky Blinders Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Peaky Blinders season 1