Last Air Date: October 01, 2019
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Priscilla Quintana
Priscilla Quintana
Noah Huntley
Noah Huntley
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The plot of this most interesting series takes viewers to the future. We find ourselves in the distant two thousand one hundred and ninety ninth year. Such an unusual time for the start of major events marked the tragic outcome of fate for the main heroine Jax. She lost absolutely everything she had in her life.

Now the main character is forced to look for a new meaning, which unexpectedly shows up at one of the closed training academies, which is located somewhere on Earth. Together with unexpectedly found new friends, the main character will try to cope with numerous problems and difficulties in her life.

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Air Date: July 16, 2019

In parallel, the company of characters will undertake a responsible mission to protect and save the home planet from external threats, which can be absolutely any unpredictable events.

A rather interesting and intriguing story begins to take shape around the personality of Jax, and the secrets of her past unexpectedly reveal themselves in a completely new unexpected light. Now the heroine is not quite sure about the details of her real background, because the events of many years ago somehow affect her current position.

The girl feels that she is capable of much, but the new missions she receives turn out to be truly cruel and bloody. Jax begins to feel that it is used not as the savior of the world, but as an instrument for mass destruction. Is the girl ready to put up with this situation? We learn very soon …

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