Orange Is the New Black
Last Air Date: July 26, 2019
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Orange Is the New Black

TV show Orange Is the New Black all seasons download

  • 8.1 (based on 266 951 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season #7: July 26, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 7
  • Created By: Jenji Kohan
Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon
Taylor Schilling
Taylor Schilling
Taryn Manning
Taryn Manning
Danielle Brooks
Danielle Brooks
Selenis Leyva
Selenis Leyva
Yael Stone
Yael Stone
Nick Sandow
Nick Sandow
Dascha Polanco
Dascha Polanco
Uzo Aduba
Uzo Aduba
Kate Mulgrew
Kate Mulgrew
Jackie Cruz
Jackie Cruz
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The new season of the series “Orange Is the New Black” continues the story of the girls’ life in prison. The main character Piper Chapman was in the Lichfield federal prison, where she will have to stay for many years until her release.

Tough rules and serious discipline are the main difficulties of the local prison, which the heroine is to meet on the first day. However, soon the girl will face a number of personal problems, having met people from the past and entered into confrontation with local inhabitants. Difficult relations, as it turned out, connect all residents of this institution, ranging from prisoners to security guards.

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Air Date: July 26, 2019

Piper Chapman always tried to be an honest and kind woman, but fate forced her to go on a slippery slope. The main character gets into one of the most stringent prisons of the federal level. In the “Lichfield” she is unlikely to be calm and comfortable, because newcomers do not like it here.

The main character knows what horrible customs prevail here, and what happens to moral values, whose importance falls to the very bottom! Who would have thought that even in prison, where, it would seem, your life is doomed to perpetual ordeals, there is a place for solving personal issues.

Piper will meet behind bars his former lover, with whom relations will resume. With a completely new force, the feelings of the main characters will flare up, allowing the girls to experience the difficulties of prison realities together. In addition, unity in such incredibly difficult conditions is really necessary.

The main characters, being behind bars, always confront wardens. In addition, a real riot is being prepared in Lichfield, capable of escalating into an armed uprising. What happens to the main character and her lover? What will turn this story for the rest of the inhabitants of the prison? The seventh season will answer all the questions of concern to the audience.

Trailer Orange Is the New Black season 7

Orange Is the New Black Season 7 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: July 27, 2018

Orange Is the New Black season 6 has a lot of great tension. Our heroines managed to fire up a riot that shook the prison that they were held in previously. This was not met with roses and gifts. Our heroines are now moved to another facility with the highest standards of security being implemented.

This is not a development that our girls anticipated or wanted. However, the reality rarely asks your opinion. After being transported to a new high security facility, they need to establish themselves as new bosses and get along with local authorities.

Orange Is the New Black season 6 is still quite brave and aggressive. This show has a lot of interesting narrative going on and themes that are being discussed are quite important for the modern society.

On the meta-level, this show is a very important drama that keeps the talks about diversity and equality as loud as possible. However, politics do not make a good show. On the creative front, the 6th season is quite good and does not disappoint the fans of the series. It is still a talentedly written and brilliantly performed show with great dialogues. If you consider yourself a fan of this show, you cannot miss this eventful “high-security” season!

Trailer Orange Is the New Black season 6

Orange Is the New Black Season 6 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Orange Is the New Black season 6

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Air Date: June 09, 2017

The main character, Piper Chapman, has fallen into the Lichfield federal prison. She will have to serve a term of imprisonment within the walls of this institution, in which harsh mores and strict laws reign.

Here the heroine is waiting for a meeting with her former lover, through whose fault Piper also appeared in the dock. Feelings that seem to have gone irretrievably, flare up with a new force.

In prison, serious passions are in full swing; they are connected with relations between prisoners, warders, and also with the ripening that is about to happen. In freedom, life goes on as usual, a lot of events take place, but life in a correctional institution is also rich in various kinds of incidents …

Trailer Orange Is the New Black season 5

Orange Is the New Black Season 5 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Orange Is the New Black season 5

Air Date: June 17, 2016

We present you the new season of the series, telling about the life of women in the Federal Prison “Lichfield”. Local passions boil for a joke! The main characters try to maintain their authority and not to succumb to provocations and gossip.

The focus of the plot are completely different heroines who came to this institution in different ways. Someone is still sure that he is not guilty of what she is accused of, and someone understands that he is here on the case.

Women not only have to get used to the new environment, but also come to terms with the idea that everyone in prison is wearing the same outfit. Orange is now the hit of the season!

Trailer Orange Is the New Black season 4

Orange Is the New Black Season 4 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Orange Is the New Black season 4

Air Date: June 11, 2015

Piper Champman was a good, beautiful and wealthy girl. She did not think about her future, and preferred to spend all her free hours for fun. Acquainted with Alex Woz, she did not even imagine what this could turn into.

After some time, Piper abandoned youthful fun, got married and, together with her friend, opened a perfume shop. It seemed that her well-being and family happiness were not threatened. But trouble came from no waiting.

Because of the testimony of a former girlfriend, the girl was on the prisoner’s bench, and after that, in the Lichfield Federal Prison. Now she has fifteen months to survive and adapt to the harsh conditions of the women’s prison, gradually getting acquainted with her inhabitants and trying to solve their own problems.

Trailer Orange Is the New Black season 3

Orange Is the New Black Season 3 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Orange Is the New Black season 3

Air Date: June 06, 2014

American comedy-drama television series, telling us about life in a women’s prison. Piper – the main character of the television series, who enjoyed her life.

But one day, because of the complicity of drug smuggling, she is jailed for as long as fifteen months. The main character tries to survive in an unusual place for her, meets the same prisoners as she does, and even finds already familiar painfully personalities.

Trailer Orange Is the New Black season 2

Orange Is the New Black Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Orange Is the New Black season 2

Air Date: July 11, 2013

Presented to your attention the film with the name “Orange – new black.” This film is about the international drug trade. The main heroine, the court appointed a fifteen-month term of imprisonment, for helping his girlfriend – mistress: to possession of narcotic drugs. This term she is serving in a women’s prison …

Trailer Orange Is the New Black season 1

Orange Is the New Black Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Orange Is the New Black season 1