Money Heist
Last Air Date: July 23, 2019
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Money Heist

TV show Money Heist all seasons download

  • 8.5 (based on 175 536 user ratings)
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Country: Spain
  • Air Date Season #2: July 19, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Álex Pina
Úrsula Corberó
Úrsula Corberó
Itziar Ituño
Itziar Ituño
Miguel Herrán
Miguel Herrán
Enrique Arce
Enrique Arce
Jaime Lorente
Jaime Lorente
Esther Acebo
Esther Acebo
Darko Peric
Darko Peric
Hovik Keuchkerian
Hovik Keuchkerian
Rodrigo de la Serna
Rodrigo de la Serna
Najwa Nimri
Najwa Nimri
Álvaro Morte
Álvaro Morte
Pedro Alonso
Pedro Alonso
Alba Flores
Alba Flores
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Spain. A group of gangsters is about to attack the Mint. The most intelligent and inventive criminals of the country are working on the organization of this crime. The professor is a renowned authority in the criminal world who has already worked on many matters.

True, now it is waiting for a special challenge, a special plan, an incredibly difficult job! The main character is doing everything possible to assemble a team of the most prominent criminals, each of whom is a real pro in his own field. Scoundrels are planning to get two and a half million euros from this business.

They have big plans and hopes for a raid, because the preparation goes without any difficulties. True, the main building of the Mint is a very, very complex room, which is simply stuffed with security systems. The leader of this criminal new-organized gang immediately assumed responsibility for the planning of the case.

Criminals are taking hostages to divert the attention of the police. On an excursion in the mint there were sixty-seven people, many of whom were simple schoolchildren. Degree of tension increases with every minute. Captive people can no longer tolerate. What will be next?

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“La casa de papel” returns to the screens with the third season. The series offers viewers to plunge into the history of the most daring robbery in the history of Spain. The protagonists are developing an ingenious plan to penetrate the Mint.

They are real criminal geniuses who are ready to make a plan and make a daring raid. The plot focuses on the offender, nicknamed Professor. He gathers around him a team of real experts in the field of hacking and penetration. Around him are eight real gurus of the criminal world.

Each of them is represented by a meter in a certain direction and field of knowledge. The main actors are ready to organize their plans, because, if successful, they will be able to drag off two and a half million euros, unprecedented in the past. True, to hide from the pursuit of the authorities will be extremely difficult.

The characters are sure that they will definitely get lucky with the money, and their future life on the Cote d’Azur will be carefree and easy. True, the robbery will not go according to plan. After entering the mint, the characters will have to spend a long eleven days there, holding sixty-seven people hostage.

Trailer Money Heist season 3

Money Heist Season 3 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: July 19, 2019

The second season of the series “La casa de papel” returns to the screens. The focus is on the story of how a small group of robbers decided to remove all the jewels from the Mint. The plot focuses on a truly ingenious thief who was able to work out a plan for such a daring and insane robbery.

However, he needs faithful companions. The main character attracts under its banners eight truly desperate guys who are sure that they can do this business. At stake is about two and a half million euros.

This fabulous amount should get the characters quickly and painlessly, because the main characters are doing everything possible to work out their actions to automatism and perform the robbery at the highest level of professionalism. Of course, the operation begins as planned, but the subsequent development of events turns out to be completely unpredictable.

The plan was not perfect, and exits from the bank are now blocked. Criminals are taking hostages to somehow manipulate the police. For the long eleven days, sixty-seven people will be closed in the bank. Tension is growing. People are getting nervous. What will be next?

Trailer Money Heist season 2

Money Heist Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Money Heist season 2

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Air Date: May 02, 2017

La casa de papel is an incredibly intense Spanish criminal psychological series featuring great drama. All events unfold in a limited time and in a limited space.
Only criminals don’t go on to take a big sum at one time to last for life, and not only the life of the one who commits a crime, but also his children, and even grandchildren … These are the arguments the head of the gang of robbers brings for the greatest heist.

This time, the leader of a daring robbery, a criminal with great experience and experience, possessing remarkable intellect, ability to think strategically and calculate the most complicated operation, comes the idea to rob not a bank, and not a museum, but, no less, to clear
state gold fund of the state of Spain. The reserves of state gold reserves stored there would really be enough to make more than one generation of descendants of robbers very rich people … of course, in case of luck. With his arguments and eloquence, he managed to convince those professionals that he needed during the implementation of his ambitious and bold plan.

All carefully prepared, calculating all the paths of penetration and withdrawal group of robbers from the “La casa de papel” can get inside the store. But several dozen people work in this institution, and all sixty-seven employees are taken hostage by a group of gangsters who are ready for many things for the sake of gold and their future … Are all of them ready to go to the very end? This will be found out during eleven tense days, during which the gangsters will keep people in this confined space, extorting from the Spanish government everything they need for enrichment and unhindered exit from the building, and eclipse the country.

How will this crime, unprecedented in its audacity and scope, end with opposition to the police and the authorities of the country? Is the police powerless against impudence, courage and willingness to kill the reckless and greedy bandits? Is there really nothing for them and no one to oppose, and they will clean up the whole state with impunity, and hide in an unknown direction … Or will there still be forces that will prevent them from doing it?
All these questions will be possible to get comprehensive answers by looking at this intense criminal drama.

Trailer Money Heist season 1

Money Heist Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Money Heist season 1

Scene 1, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 2, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 3, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 4, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 5, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 6, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 7, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 8, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 9, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 10, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 11, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 12, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 13, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 14, TV Show Money Heist season 1
Scene 15, TV Show Money Heist season 1