In the Long Run
Last Air Date: November 20, 2019
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In the Long Run

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  • 7.4 (based on 783 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Air Date Season #1: March 29, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
  • Created By: Idris Elba
Idris Elba
Idris Elba
Jimmy Akingbola
Jimmy Akingbola
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey
Kellie Shirley
Kellie Shirley
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TV show In the Long Run has many good merits, but the main is that it is led by one and only Idris Elba. His commanding performance definitely leaves a huge mark on the show and makes it a truly enjoyable experience for viewers. The story is quite simple. It revolves around a family living in London in 80s. The period of racial tension is still not in past. This is the worst moment for a new member of the family to arrive and… this is exactly what happens. A new relative comes from Sierra Leone and the life our heroes becomes truly difficult.

TV show In the Long Run showcases high production value, interesting storytelling techniques, an outstanding diverse team of actors, and truly talented people who work behind the camera. The result of this collaboration is quite entertaining. If you are looking for a drama with lots of comedic vibes, you will be more than satisfied with this story.

Set in London in 1985, the show definitely has some nostalgic bits and great pop culture references, but the true hear of the narrative is in main characters and their interactions with each other. This is exactly what makes the series funny and intense in the same time. Download episodes of the show right now and enjoy the show!

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The series eventually says that a meeting with relatives is not always joyful. Each family is comparable to a small state where all households obey certain rules and regulations. This creates a sense of security and gives a sense of confidence in the future. Here, there are their own laws of the universe, which involuntarily obey even pets, succumbing to the general mood.

The family works like a streamlined mechanism, following its own biological clock and personal rhythm. Any failure in this perfectly balanced system can lead to unusual consequences. In the yard, 1985 is a time of great change and new political trends. The Ishmon family are emigrants, but they have been living in London for 13 years, turning into stiff English. Slow conversations with neighbors about cricket, gossip of the royal court and tea drinking at exactly 5 p.m. The Ishmons do their best not to stand out from the crowd, striving to become worthy subjects of the British crown.

However, the slowly flowing river of European life suddenly foams: the brother of Ishmon Sr. arrives in London. Watch the series “In the End” and find out that measured existence is coming to an end. An active guy is not going to listen to the opinions of others, and is going to get the maximum pleasure from living in a large city.

Trailer In the Long Run season 2

In the Long Run Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online
Air Date: March 29, 2018

The 1st season of «In the Long Run» moves us in the capital of Great Britain in 1985 year. The family of emigrants Easmon lives a quiet and peaceful life. 13 years ago they came from Sierra Leone, settled in London, arranged a life, found a job. Walter works a lot at factory located near their house, and his wife Agnes is engaged in the distribution of cosmetics.

They do not earn a lot of money, and that is why their joint income is only enough to pay bills and to help their relatives and close friend from Sierra. Walter and his wife have their lazy son Cobne, who lounges every day with his best friend Dean, playing football and doing everything to avoid dangerous meeting with the local hooligans.

But in middle of the 1st season of «In the Long Run» a self-confident and optimistic brother of Walter – Valentine comes to their place to visit them. He is delighted of a stable and well-adjusted life of his brother’s family, he also decides to stay in Britain in the long term.

He gets along in the family of his close relatives, finds a well-paid job quickly, falls in love with a young girl and instills a love of classic music to his nephew. Agnes assures her husband that her patience will be burst in a minute, and all that is happening must be stopped as soon as possible. But Kobna is happy to see his merry uncle in the 1st season of «In the Long Run».

The 1st season of «In the Long Run» promises to be interesting. Sit back and enjoy!

Trailer In the Long Run season 1

In the Long Run Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online

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