House of Bond
Last Air Date: November 05, 2018
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House of Bond

TV show House of Bond all seasons download

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: Australia
  • Air Date Season #1: April 24, 2017
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
Rachael Taylor
Rachael Taylor
Adrienne Pickering
Adrienne Pickering
Sam Neill
Sam Neill
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TV show House of Bond impressed many viewers and critics with its dense plot and great story. Several really interesting characters and a series of events that escalate to a very satisfying finale will not leave you disappointed.

Just as many other shows that are produced in Australia, this series is an exciting and well-filmed piece of entertainment worthy of your time. The gradual change in the life of Alan Bond is shown over the course of two episodes each showcasing different stages of his career. We will see the rise and fall of one of the biggest con artists (or entrepreneurs) of the 20th century.

TV show House of Bond features a crew of very talented actors and lots of gifted people behind the camera. It is a great show with lots of merits. If you are looking for a good, full of details biographical show, you will more than likely enjoy this outstanding dramatized biography of a person who managed to change our perception of business and created one of the biggest and most controversial empires in the history of modern finances.

While some aspects of his life were changed in order to increase the dramatic tension, pivotal points of his life are depicted quite well. Download all two episodes of this story in MPEG, AVI or MP4 and enjoy!

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Air Date: April 24, 2017

The 1st season of «House of bond» tells us about the future genius of investments, which promptly began climbing to the top of American business and with the same speed brought down his whole empire, leading to a series of ridiculous deaths, became the legend of a successful dream. Realizing his first investment project, he took out loans, invested in cheap real estate, buying dilapidated houses and destroyed buildings across the country. The construction company of his schoolmate restored them instantly, rented them and provided an inflow of impressive funds to the accounts, the future of the millionaire.
During the 1st season of «House of bond» ,over the decade of the heyday of his idea, the main hero turned from an office worker into a wealthy businessman who looks even at the side of politics. However, over the time, self-confidence, the lack of sound logic and quarrels with colleagues, vaults of failures in the commercial investment plan broke him. But the most critical for business was the ambitious purchase of a bank that had been ruined, in which the main character borrowed once and bought a whole street, the land, depreciated by plunging investments into the abyss of bankruptcy.
What will be the end of this story. We will learn it soon. Sit back and watch!

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