Last Air Date: August 05, 2019
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  • 6.8 (based on 5 991 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season #3: July 01, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
  • Created By: Sharon Horgan
Molly Shannon
Molly Shannon
Talia Balsam
Talia Balsam
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker
Thomas Haden Church
Thomas Haden Church
Charlie Kilgore
Charlie Kilgore
Sterling Jerins
Sterling Jerins
Tracy Letts
Tracy Letts
Finise Avery
Finise Avery
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What is a divorce in real life? Apparently, a purely legal process. In fact, not just shared property. They were all together before deathbed. For serials and divorces – it is possible to show our weaknesses, which show the TV show “Divorce”.

It turns out that this is not just about a person. Beautiful ladies at the age, who are politically correct to call balzakovskim, also begin to kink. That’s the main character of “Divorce” by the name of Francis. She even attracts male attention, but did not even think about what in her life? And if you wait a little longer, you won’t miss it? As for sin, next are the best girlfriends Frances.

They are both intelligence and claim that only now began to live life to the full. In swimming. She has long understood that she wants to return to her seats. But he already knows that his missus recently spun the novel on the side.

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Air Date: July 01, 2019

Before you is the third season of the popular and beloved TV series “Divorce”. The name of the project clearly reflects its main essence: we have a fascinating story about an event that could happen in real life. The authors of the script are ready not only to tell about the characters and their fate, but also to iron on the decisions made. The plot focuses on the main character, Francis.

She is well past thirty, so the girl is already thinking about how she will spend her old age. She is sure that the best years are over and there is no point in finding a new happiness. In addition, the relationship with her husband has long been not so bright and original. The main characters are doing everything possible to at least find something in their feelings that will force them to be together.

True, girlfriends Francis argue that everything is still not as bad as it may seem: a woman can still be interesting to members of the opposite sex, and it’s never too late to look for adventures. It is because of the pressure of girlfriends Francis decides to become part of this huge bachelor community and begin the search for a new happiness.

Divorce from her husband and a clean slate promise many new emotions! True, Frances soon begins to understand that she does not like this stage as much as the previous one. What to do? Is it really necessary to return everything back to normal? A woman tries to persuade her husband to return to family life, but he learns about her intrigues on the side. What will be next?

Trailer Divorce season 3

Divorce Season 3 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Divorce season 3

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Air Date: January 14, 2018

Here is the second season of the series “Divorce”. All the intricacies of the divorce process will open before us, which, at first glance, looks very simple, but in fact has many subtleties, because the division of property is a truly complicated process that somehow makes people who are once close to each other gossip.

The focus of the plot is the main character named Francis. A woman is already quite many years old, but she still dreams of arranging her personal life. In addition, there are always girlfriends who give their advice, despite the fact that they are divorced and do not enjoy success with men.

True, the stories about a carefree life in free swimming make Francis go to a desperate act. She decides to break up with her husband and start a completely new life. Let’s see what this will turn out for her.

Trailer Divorce season 2

Divorce Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Divorce season 2

Scene 1, TV Show Divorce season 2
Scene 2, TV Show Divorce season 2
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Air Date: October 09, 2016

Divorce is an event, of course, dramatic. When divorcing, someone seeks to get rid of the annoying spouse, someone to establish a personal life with another person, and someone to share the property, having received the share due.

Although there are those for whom the divorce process is an attempt to experience something new in life, rebuilding everything and starting from scratch, nevertheless, constantly looking back into the past …

The main character of the series, Francis, is still a very attractive, although not very young woman. She has a wonderful husband, two children. The whole family lives in their own home – what else would seem to be necessary for happiness?

However, having been married for many years, having sacrificed her dream for the sake of business – an art-design career, our heroine more and more often begins to notice that her family life does not have its former fiery passion, and all relationships become bland and boring, turning into a meaningless habit.

A woman seeks explanations for this, but does not find them. Having shared her thoughts with her friends, she received advice from them – get a divorce immediately!

Trailer Divorce season 1

Divorce Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Divorce season 1

Scene 1, TV Show Divorce season 1
Scene 2, TV Show Divorce season 1
Scene 3, TV Show Divorce season 1
Scene 4, TV Show Divorce season 1
Scene 5, TV Show Divorce season 1
Scene 6, TV Show Divorce season 1
Scene 7, TV Show Divorce season 1
Scene 8, TV Show Divorce season 1
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