Channel Zero
Last Air Date: November 05, 2018
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Channel Zero

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  • 7.2 (based on 7 820 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season #4: October 26, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 4
  • Created By: Nick Antosca
Steven Robertson
Steven Robertson
Steven Weber
Steven Weber
Maria Sten
Maria Sten
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott
Barbara Crampton
Barbara Crampton
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TV show Channel Zero is a collection of horror stories that will make you think about many things. It is not on the level of Black Mirror, but it still offers interesting self-contained stories with great premises and messages to the audience.

If you like well-structured anthologies that are united with the atmosphere and idea, you will love this outstanding series that has been going on strong for 5 years. Multiple really good stories were told to viewers, and many short episodes were highly praised by both critics and viewers. What all people think about the series is that showrunners have a lot of creativity and manage to maintain the level of the series on a high level for a long time.

TV show Channel Zero is for those who want to watch thrilling horror stories with truly mysterious premises and great characters all around. If you are seeking for a series that will make you fall in love with the genre once again, you simply must check out this collection of city legends and original stories.

The acting is quite good, directors usually do a good job, and writing is top notch for the most part. It is not a masterpiece by any stretch of imagination, but it has its moments and will most certainly entertain diehard fans of the horror genre. Download episodes of the series in all available media formats and enjoy!

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Air Date: October 26, 2018

We invite viewers to watch the fourth season of the popular TV series “Channel Zero”. Each new season is a separate story that seems to have nothing to do with the previous one. The focus of the plot is a really interesting situation related to some kind of paranormal or supernatural activity.

The first season of the project was devoted to the events described in “The Bay of Candle” in the work of Chris Straub. The story tells about a series of abductions. The plot of the second season, bearing the name “House without end”, invites viewers to get acquainted with Margot Claytor, who is locked in the four walls of the house, built either by some crazy architect, or captured by demonic forces.

The Butcher’s Department is the third season, which invites viewers to visit the mysterious city together with the Woods sisters, frightening their dead silence. New episodes tell the story of “The Door of Dreams”. The main characters, Jillian and Tom, celebrated their marriage and moved to a new house, in the basement of which they discovered something terrible: a strange door leads to places where horror reigns. Happy viewing to all lovers of high-quality screen versions and simply scary projects!

Trailer Channel Zero season 4

Channel Zero Season 4 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Channel Zero season 4

Air Date: February 07, 2018

The world-famous American television channel continues to broadcast the 3rd season of well-known horror film “Channel Zero” which is called “Butcher’s block”. The new season’s plot is based on one of the worst stories from world-famous network creepypasta “Search and Rescue Woods” that was written by Kerry Hammond.

The 3rd part of “Channel Zero” puts the viewer in unforgettable touch with youthful and fascinating girl Alice Woods, whose rile is played by glamorous American actress Olivia Luccardi. Once she decided to change her abiding-place and move to another city to stay.

In a new place, she will have to meet her new neighbors and start a new life, but suddenly she get strange information about the people’s disappearance in the city without any traces, and that all these unexplained facts are connected with terrible legends about strange secret ladders in the houses of her neighbors.

Alice and her sister Zoe, whose role is played by Holland Roden, are extremely worried and frightened by such inexplicable circumstances, but nonetheless they are trying to overcome their own fear and begin their investigation to understand the situation and unravel the mystery of the terrible legend, as a result of which they learn that something sinister is hunting for civilians in their city and that’s why they should be more careful and vigilant in the 3rd “Butcher’s block” season.

Trailer Channel Zero season 3

Channel Zero Season 3 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Channel Zero season 3

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Air Date: September 20, 2017

We invite you to watch the second season of the popular TV series “Channel Zero”. This project is designed to really scare the audience, make them shake with fear, to make everyone sitting at the screens feel helpless and doomed. This horror project tells us various scary stories from which goosebumps run.

Who would have thought that many of them would be tied to real events that had once occurred in various parts of our planet. It really makes fear even more. If you are a fan of tickling your nerves, then you should appreciate this wonderful project. Many stories were taken from eyewitness accounts, and some were taken from the works of the famous horror genre writer Chris Straub.

One of those very stories will reveal the secret of the horrific children’s program, after which any person must have perished. The main characters of this series are trying to do everything possible to find out who is behind the killings. Many do not believe in the curse of the program, but it naturally continues to remind of itself and hints at the involvement of the supernatural in what is happening around. What will be next?

Trailer Channel Zero season 2

Channel Zero Season 2 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Channel Zero season 2

Air Date: October 11, 2016

Want thrills? Then turn on the Channel Zero project! This series was created in order to scare the audience with very scary stories. Each episode of the authors offer a new story, which is full of mysteries and horrors! Mystical events, horrible unknown creatures and supernatural phenomena – all this you will find in this project.

Now you have a story based on Chris Straub’s Bay of Candle. In the center of the plot is a story about a terrible child program, with the airing of which a man died a horrible death. The main characters of the series are people who are trying to understand this confusing business.

Trailer Channel Zero season 1

Channel Zero Season 1 - Watch Trailer Online

Scenes Channel Zero season 1