Adam Ruins Everything
Last Air Date: January 29, 2019
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Adam Ruins Everything

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  • 8.1 (based on 5 676 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy, Documentary
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season #3: January 08, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
Adam Conover
Adam Conover
Rhea Butcher
Rhea Butcher
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The protagonist of this series is Adam Conover. A very annoying young man who is ready to spoil any event for any person. The guy just breaks into the cell in the middle of a case to tell and prove to the participants of this or that event that they are utterly wrong.

And it can be both a wedding, and interview at reception for work or just a family dinner. The main character will pass on all important topics and make you doubt the logic of what is happening in our world. Adam likes to question everything, while inviting viewers to reflect on topical issues on their own.

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Air Date: January 08, 2019

Adam is a young guy who likes to bother everyone. He maestro spoil important events. It is absolutely easy for him to get into the camera frame, argue with colleagues and prove his opinion to them.

Whether a wedding, an important event, an interview or a romantic date does not give a damn to a young man. The main character is endowed with qualities that will help to assure people that the world is extremely illogical and make you think about routine problems.

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Scenes Adam Ruins Everything season 3

Air Date: July 11, 2017

The protagonist of the show is a very charming man and host, Adam Conover, who stands out from the rest of the people with the fact that everything is in doubt. Whatever topics he may touch, and his favorite ones are sex, terrorism, charity and others, he will definitely pull the weak side of the topic by the thread and try to criticize it.

Therefore, in the places of appearance of the leader, you can usually hear disgruntled shouts, a flurry of indignation and a storm of emotions, see tears and a spoiled mood of others.

Each program is a separate topic, which Conover has a lot in stock. On the one hand, Adam destroys the mood, and on the other hand, he gives a breath of fresh air, with accompanying humor, with new previously unknown facts.

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Air Date: September 29, 2015

In this series, Adam Conover conveys the whole truth about existing myths. Adam believes that the dog breeds that are created by man cannot be called real, for example, Spitz and York.

Adam will tell us about where the tradition to give a wedding ring came from. Once in the thirty-eighth year of the twentieth century, the well-known jewelry company began a great propaganda that it was possible to show feelings for your second half only by presenting a diamond.

Previously, the price of the ring fit into one salary, but over time, the owners of the companies decided to double the rate, considering that more is needed.

Could a man have gotten away from this somewhere, without a ring, no one could even stutter about any engagement. The protagonist is confident that, by and large, the cost of a diamond is not of great value, and the cost is exaggerated because monopolists in diamond mining regulate this market themselves. And Adam will tell us the truth about sexual relationships, about stereotypes in which people believe.

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Scenes Adam Ruins Everything season 1